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Pros And Cons Of Having An IPad

Usually people who own Apple products are pretty dedicated to their brand and they refuse to consider anything different. While yes, the iPad was the first tablet that really took off and caused the demand in tablet production, it is not the only option available.  I have had both an iPad and an Android tablet and while they are nice, there are definitely some specific pros and cons to using iPads versus another brand.


Most people will immediately say Siri is the greatest thing about any Apple product. They do not take into account that Windows has Cortana, and Android has Google. These are both very capable speech-to-text functions if that is a concern.  It shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.


A lot of people love iMessages. The app is really nice in that it’s a text messaging app and a messenger app in one – you get confirmation that your message was delivered, read, and you can see if someone is typing back just like you could dif you were using AIM or Facebook messenger. The only problem with this is that it is not compatible with other products and can only be used with Apple products. In other words, you can’t send an iMessage to someone who does not have Apple. They will never see it.


Facetime is a pretty big deal to Apple users, although Android and Windows can get the Skype app and do the same thing. The only difference with Facetime is that you can automatically Facetime any of your contacts without having to first ask their ID, as you would have to do with Skype. Facetime links up to Apple contacts and their phone numbers and doesn’t use a separate user ID.


This is a huge downfall of the iPad.  There are different iPads that you can get – an 8g, 16g, 64g, etc. The cost goes up significantly the more storage the iPad offers. While Apple does have the cloud, you only have so much storage available on there so you need to make sure that your iPad will allow you enough storage for what you will be using it for. This is hard to estimate when you buy it though; you may think to save a few hundred dollars on a smaller memory iPad and not have enough space to install all of your apps and play your music. Unfortunately iPads do not have expandable storage as other tablet brands offer – in other words, if you have a 32G micro SD card that is full of your music, you won’t be able to put it in your iPad. This has been an issue for me, as I didn’t take into account how much I had used my added micro SD card for storage in my old Android tablet.

The Cost

The cost of iPads are generally higher than other tablets on the market. You are paying for an Apple product, and they do tend to charge more. Not only that, they do not have compatible chargers for their products as all other tablets and phones do; they use their own brand of chargers and headphones and those usually cost a bit more too, if you need to replace them.

Is An IPad Worth It?

Ipads are really nice to have, but honestly it depends on your own personal preferences. Android tablets can pretty much do all of the same things that an iPad can, at a lower cost, and they can be customized by adding storage which can really help. I think it’s important to look into what you need to use a tablet for first, before spending a lot more to buy an iPad that may not offer you as much as an Android tablet might.