Best Toys for your Office

Long days among the cubicles can get boring, and employees need a way to break up the monotony. It not enough to just have a stress ball or Newton’s cradle, though. These days there are is a wide variety of fun toys and gadgets to keep the work day fun. If you’re looking for a good gift for a co-worker or administrator there is more to offer than ever before. Try out one of these fun options next time you need relief from data entry and phone calls.

Tabletop Air Hockey

A smaller version of the arcade classic, this mini air hockey game is fully functional. It takes two players, so be sure you have a cube mate or co-worker to play with. You can keep score or start an office wide tournament if you’re looking to have plenty of fun.


Most offices use instant messenger apps to keep workers connected. This is the fun version of sending and receiving message around the office. The mailbox shaped creatures will bark, hoot, or growl to let you know a new message is received in the app. You can even have the critters read out the message to you in a silly voice. It adds a whole new layer of fun when asking about cover sheets.

Snowtime Anytime Snowballs

These little plushie snowballs are a great way to toss around the fun. If you’re looking for the fun of a snowball fight, these soft, white plush balls give you the fun without all the cold and snow. You can fight it out over the walls of your cubicle without hurting anyone. They are also machine washable so you can keep them bright and white all year round.

Eco-Awesome Paper Garden Humidifier

Not really a toy you can play with, this is still a great desktop device. Offices can get very dry inside with all the artificial heating and cooling systems. If you have allergies or sensitivity to recycled air, this nifty little humidifier can keep your air moist without extra misting. Simply water the fake flowers and the special paper will disperse the moisture back into the air. You can also add fragrance oils to the water for a pleasant aroma in your cubicle.

Desktop Missile Launcher

With soft missiles – much like Nerf darts – you can start a war with the next department over. The USB powered device can be activated via your keyboard. You can take potshots at co-workers without lifting a finger. Just make sure that the boss doesn’t see who fired the first shot!

Aqua Dance Game

These desktop mazes make use of the newest water-repellant coatings to make fun with just adding water. The low friction surface forces water to bead up in the walls of the maze so you can guide water to the goal in the same way you may have done as a kid with mazes filled with tiny metal balls. Just pump water into the maze and create your own desktop arcade.

Desktop Croquet Set

Bring the classic lawn game to your cubicle. This kit includes mallets, croquet balls, wickets, and stakes so you can set up your own croquet course on your desk. Compete with co-workers for team bonding sessions, and store the set between games in tis attractive wooden box.

iCade Arcade for your iPad

If you want to add some fun to your mobile games, the iCade turns your tablet into an old school mini arcade cabinet. You can play your favorite games using the joystick and buttons reminiscent of 80’s games like Centipede. You and your co-workers can complete for highest score in the office. Just make sure you put up your quarters to call next!

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